1 NDA 10+2, 10+1 pass can apply. 16 ½ to 19 at the time of commencement of Training. TwiceApril / Sept. each year
2 CDS 10+2, 10+1 pass can apply. 16 ½ to 19 at the time of commencement of Training. TwiceApril / Sept. each year
3 WOMEN/OTA 10+2, 10+1 pass can apply. 16 ½ to 19 at the time of commencement of Training. TwiceApril / Sept. each year
Note : Forms are available at General Post Offices. Advertisement appears in weekly Employment News/Daily News Papers Important Editions.
4 SSB Throughout the year, nonstop course can join at the time of eligibility or in advance to secure sure selection.


Service Selection Board SSB interviews for NDA, CDS (IMA & OTA) UES, TGC, ACC, SL, AMC, (NT), Postal, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards, SCO’s, Territorial Army, Military Farms, Jag Department, Education Corps. For Girl students, for Army, Navy and Air Force.
Written Exam. NDA, CDS (IMA, IAF, OTA & ACC).
Pilot Aptitude Battery Tests (PABT) Written & Video Demonstration.
General awareness, Communication Skills and Personality Development.
90% selection rate. Special attention is paid to Army personnels & repeaters to improve at the grass root level. Frequent interaction with selected students and officers is done frequently to motivate the aspirants to perform well at the SSB. SHARP WORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS AND THE MAXIM OF THIS INSTITUTION.

We undertake to ensure selection of each student as a mile stone and step on to success by sheer sharp work, motivation and constant validation and testing, which leads to successive satisfaction on part of the students. Time parameter is not a constraint and binding factor, but achieving the satisfaction of the students is essential to undertake the important venture. The arduous process is simplified by clear terms and conditions and students are made aware of their capabilities individually before commencement of classes and at the time of leaving the Institute. This acts as a mile stone, since all false promises are set aside and student made to realise his correct potential of joining the Indian Armed Forces. The equipment used to impart the education is Hi-tech and state of the art technology is used for teaching purposes. Continuous classes with least amount of breaks and thorough validation is the key to success. The results are phenomenal and the best in the country. The Institute is located in a small town with big results.

The detailed of Services Selection Board Procedure as appended as under:
Candidates to wear normal working dress during classes. They are however advised to bring sports gear alongwith them at the time of joining. Girl candidates can wear Track Suits or Salwar Kameez with Sports Shoes. Candidates are required to bring Stationary Items and well equipped for the classes SSB TRAINING GIRLS STUDENTS (WOMEN EMPOWERMENT)

We have special arrangement for girl candidates training. This Institution is proud to represent maximum numbers of girls in Army, Navy and Air Force (Refer Photo gallery & Video attached). Stay arrangement for girl students is made within and at reputed Hostel’s within 500 yards of the Institution with complete boarding & lodging.NDA / CDS / ACC WRITTEN EXAMINATIONS

We conduct special courses and crash courses NDA/CDS/ACC Written Exams. Candidates are properly trained to face the exam with confidence. We have trained faculty to manage the classes. Full syllabus is covered. We coach for the maximum durations stipulated as per the UPSC guidelines.

ACC special batches starts from 15 Feb to 30 March and 15 Sept to 30 Oct every year

Classes starts on 1st of each month and last for 45 days at stretch and students can join in between which are given special attention on the left out subjects.

Morning 9 am to 2.30 pm
Evening 4:30 pm to 7 pm
Weekly Tests, Notes issued, Experienced and motivated faculty, Full syllabus covered
Selection Schedule
D DayDay of arrival at the station. Station to SSB, in the afternoon filling of personal information questionnaire form, travelling allowance details and briefing by group testing officer, free by 6 PM approximately.
D+1Screening, verbal and non-verbal questionnaire approximately 100 in number and picture perception and description test, followed by group discussion and coming two a common consensus, result by 12:30 PM approximately.
D+2Psychology, Thematic Appreciation test, 12 pictures, 60 word association test, 60 situation reaction test, self description, time 2 Hrs. approximately.
D+3Group testing officer – Day I, group discussion, group planning exercise, progressive group test, group obstacle race.
D+4Group testing officer – Day II, command test and final group task.• SSB Interview will be held between Day II – Day V in the afternoon.
D+5Conference, 2 mininutes to a student, result at 1200 – 1230
Medical5-6 Days, Suggest to undergo preliminary medical checkup before proceeding for SSB.