• Sharp Work & Sustained Effort coupled with exhaustive learning technique to enhance the Basic and the Practical Knowledge of the students.


    • Theoretical and practical applications continuously practiced and validated.




    • The creation of a productive environment and ambience akin to Services Selection Board.




    • Dedication and devotion and personal attention to each and every applicant individually and specially to repeaters.




  • 90% selection rate all entries.




Our approach is to give the best of teaching environment to the students which will enable to promote healthy learning and validation, coupled with exhaustive teaching and briefing to include various measures by which there is enhancement in Personality profile of the aspirants both visually and technically. The two stage testing procedure is thoroughly practiced and trained to meet any eventuality at the SSB. The stage I of testing makes screening possible and fit enough to take the practical portion of testing which includes Psychological Testing, Interview and Group Testing Officers Technique.
The following points are borne in mind at the time of training:-

    • Detailed practice in verbal and non-verbal reasoning to develop sound aptitude and logical approach.




    • Perception given a practical outlook to get over the daily problems and difficulties with ease and comfort in testing environment, which includes clearing of personal vision in PPDT and TAT as part of Psychological Testing in the new changing order, also to develop reasonable answers to live time situations.




    • Protracted practice in the technique to learn and validate personal traits, and get over minor problems to meet day to day challenges.




    • Sustained practical rounds of Group Discussion to improve communication skills, body language and behaviour manifestations as per the laid down standards and norms to meet the job requirement in the 21st century.




    • Practical approach to meet field conditions to deal with Ground Task and day to day problems and finding a rationale in solving such situations on ground.




    • More attention is given in Practicing Ground Task and finding a viable solution to the structures on ground and negotiating individual obstacles and essentials as a commander in the command task.




    • Learning and maintaining high standards of general awareness and practical skills to meet the requirements of the interviewing officer through mock interviews and personal attention as per the suggested questionnaire to fresher’s and detailed briefing to repeaters.




  • Achieving and maintaining high standards of teaching and testing to give positive results.



The learning process entails high level of Professional Competence coupled to increase in General Awareness and Practical Intelligence. The system is totally student friendly and technical savvy which suits the present day environment and working culture. The capsule provided for learning is result oriented leading to high rate in selection.

    • The Institute is located in serene, environment friendly surroundings close to the city.




    • Spacious class-rooms, Hi-Tech equipments, use of CD’s / DVD’s and live time projection system for easy visualization and improvement in perception.




    • Personality enhancement programme and environment.




    • Well equipped library and ground task to meet all practical situations.




    • Separate hostel facility for boys & girls.




    • Medical facility is arranged round the clock.




    • Cable network, telephone facility, internet connectivity, fully furnished rooms and 24 hours attendance.




  • Air-conditioned living & Healthy surroundings.



Universal Counselling Centre has been able to achieve an outstanding selection rate which is one of the best in the System. The student – selection ratio is very high appx. 90% which acts as a motivating force for further betterment of Selection Standards.

    • The photographs of few of the selected students attached for reference.




    • Comment’s by students on professional and teaching skills endorsed on the site.




    • Live time running account of teaching and validation available on view foil.




  • Photo gallery to cater for visual clippings.