Those who are looking forward for making their career in Defense forces India are always confused about the SSB training, whether they need to join coaching for this or not. Well before explain the importance of SSB training coaching institutes. Let’s have a look on the selection procedure. SSB selection procedure is one of the toughest and vigorous procedures in the world and that is the reason only 20 to 30 candidates are selected from hundreds of aspirants every year.

Selection procedure of SSB comprises of five major steps which include Reporting, Screening test, Psychology test, Group Discussion, and the final Interview. Candidates need to go through all steps and are selected on the basis of intelligence and personality through their behavior. The officers who conduct the selection process are well trained and experienced they can easily judge the student on the basis of their behavior.

Now comes to the point-

Basically if you are facing SSB interview without any training, then either you are over confident or you are not serious about your career. Appointed as an officer in Indian Defense Forces is a respected and prestige post and if you are selected for the SSB interview, then you are lucky enough from hundreds of aspirants who are trying every year but still not get positive result.

Facing the interview without get training is just like driving a vehicle without practice and get well without medicine. But it does not mean that training is foremost necessary to get selected for SSB because several candidates are there who never joined coaching center, still recommended for SSB and others are those who are taking training from two years, but still not have any chance to get selected. So what the important point here?

The fact is- there is no institute that ensures your 100% guaranteed selection, but at the same time it does not mean that they would not help you because if you join a trusted and experienced coaching centre then definitely you increase your chances of selection. May be you find candidates who suggest you to not join any kind of professional training. But this time you need to think about what is the %age of the candidates who were selected for SSB without any coaching? Might be the repeaters can clear easily without coaching as they have enough knowledge about the pattern of the exam and other necessary information.

But if you want to clear in your first attempt and confused how to prepare well for SSB exam and interview, then SSB training coaching is the ideal place for you. Their trained and experienced tutors guide you about every step of the process and help you to improve your performances based on the SSB environment. So choice is yours whether you want to be selected in your first attempt or want to play with your career that looks astonishing.

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